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this is a list of some of commonly asked questions. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed here, please contact me

How do you choose your projects?

I get a lot of design requests — which mandates that I be choosey about the type of design work I do.

Projects are on a first-come, first-served basis. I select projects on whether I would be a perfect fit for my client’s corporate culture and design needs — and whether a project is a good match for my skillsets. I’m not going to lie — I also love to take on projects by playful brands and good-natured clients.

What is your design process?
  1. When a client reaches out, I like to set up a meeting to further discuss needs and evaluate if a project is a good match. During this time, I ask that a client establishes one point-of-contact for a project. This lessens unnecessary back-and-forth feedback and potential churn — which streamlines the entire process.
  2. Once that decision is made, I typically send over a detailed creative brief for the client to fill out. (Sometimes a second meeting to discuss the creative brief is needed.)
  3. I begin the design process based on information provided both during the meeting(s) as well as the creative brief.
  4. When I am finished with an initial design, I send over to the point of contact for a project and await feedback.
  5. If any revisions are needed, I work with the client through the rounds of revisions necessary to complete the project.
  6. I handoff the final files once a final approval has been received.
What is your logo design process?

I have put together a helpful download that discusses my logo design process and what is included in the final package.

How do you work with collaborators (project managers, copywriters, developers, etc.)?

While I typically work with one point of contact (usually a project manager), I actually prefer to work with copywriters and developers directly for many projects. For instance, design and copy heavily influence each other and amazing creative can be born through such collaboration.

For development projects, I ask that a developer is established up front. This makes it easy for me to reach out as-needed if I have questions about a website’s capabilities during the design phase. In addition, once the design portion of a project has been completed I frequently continue working with a developer through production and end up being a final set of eyes before a website goes live as well as post live. Any design revisions that are needed are easily achieved by working with a developer directly.

Do you do development and/or create wordpress websites?

I do not do development or build websites. I design websites — which is different than development. Think of it in architect terms. An architect designs a home while a builder physically builds the home. In the website world, I am the architect while a developer is the builder.

I used to be a front-end developer and worked often with back-end developers so I know a lot about what can and cannot be done and tend to speak the language.

However, I will work with the developer of your choice. If you do not know a developer, I MAY be able to help find someone. Any such services are contracted directly through the developer and not me.

Do you purchase website domain names and/or set up hosting?

No. This is typically done by the client and/or the developer who is building the website.

What do you need from me?

Depending on the project, I may need items such as your logo (preferably .eps) and styleguide (if you have one), high resolution lifestyle imagery, product shots, etc.

I will need to be provided with any copy or content.

Some projects will require a creative brief to be filled out — if you are provided one, please be as detailed as possible.

What is your timeframe?

Timeframes vary drastically depending on the type of project. Projects are first-come, first-served — due to the fact that my office hours are limited to Mondays and Tuesdays, I tend to book up quickly.

I have a project that I need quickly — are you able to accommodate?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Projects are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. However, I’ll do my best! Let’s talk.

What do I do if I don’t like the creative or need to cancel a project?

If you do not like the creative, I will do my best to work through the creative process with you — handling any necessary revisions. All revisions are billed at my standard rate.

If you would like to cancel a project, you are only charged for the work done up until the point of cancellation.

How do you handle revisions?

I will work with you through the revision process. All revisions are billed at my standard rate.

Can you show or provide me examples of […]

The design process for every project is fairly the same — no matter the industry or type of design work. Due to this fact, it is not necessary to show specific examples. I have worked across broad range of industries and on many campaigns with many moving pieces (website, landing pages, banner ads, email campaigns, TV spots, etc.), so be assured that I will be able to help you find a design solution that will work for your needs. You can find a wide assortment of my creative on my website.

Can we schedule a meeting?

Yes, absolutely! I offer a free 30 minute consultation for new clients.

Stock imagery and fonts

There are times when stock photography and specific fonts may be needed for a project. Due to licensing restrictions, I may need to purchase imagery and fonts. Stock images and fonts are billed separately and included on the invoice.

How do you handle original illustration licensing?

I am currently working through my legal documents and will have updated details soon.

What is your design rate and billing process?

My current design rate is $100/hour.

I bill in 15 minute intervals — meaning, if I spend an hour and fifteen minutes on a project, I only charge for that time — versus an entire two hours.

I send an invoice out at the end of every month — for the work done up until that point. If there is no work in a given month, no invoice will be sent. Payment is due within 30 days of issuing an invoice.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept business check or credit card. With larger ongoing projects, some clients prefer to do direct deposit for ease.


Everything sound good?